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Feb 24

There were 3 PArades per year  in my era.

Chinese New Year

I loved and still love the Chinese new year parade.

In 1963 64 and 65  Sge 10 11 and 12 I worked the PArade selling souviners , I went to portsmouth square  around mid day and met the "Carny
 a wholesaler who had carts full of trinkets and souveniers. THe FIrst year he  decided to trust me with a cart. he paid 20% of the gross sales. THis was such great Money for a 10 year old kid that he had no cause fo rmis trust.  THis was the most lucaritive business I ever got involved in. a captive market full of enthusiastic happy willing customers. It seemed no price was too high . My greatest wish was the Parade wodl last longer. Realistically I coudl only sell out of 1 or possibly 2 carts  per parade. I don't remembe how much I got But I do remember this was one of my primary ways to save cash for summer activities.I did also make contacts during this season with Chinese Fireworkds suppliers fo r wholesale supply. Always a good sideline in off season among  adolecent boys. $4.00 a brick of 80 packs I recall. I could resel the packs for 25 cents each so this was also very lucaritive


Saint Patricks day

THe Same vendor was workign thsi parade but it was not as popluar or long. so th eprofit potential was not high and hardly worth my effort.Diffenrt crowd too.

Collumbus day

Snothe PArade in the fall but like the St patricks day it was nothing special for  selling.


Jan 24

Friends family associates clients Famous

971 Alabama street 1954 1957

Michael Washington Dot Washington

Anton Lavey

Miss Smith tea Room

Beulah George Mom


Presidio hill

(lakes greek teacher telling mythology)

School fair (chinese finger cuffs grab bag type festivsl.

Boys club on Briant Watermelon eating contest with mom was disappointed at not being to eat it all.

Miss Smiths backlit glass under bar

North beach art fair walking with Mom And dad

Trips to Idaho

Franks Bednarek house cool cellar smell of cereal grains

Pioneer days Covered wagons very hot

Fairgrounds Baby Bird fell ot of nest took home didn’t make it

Clara Snake river

Fell off dad’s back swimming Clara saved me (thanks)

Ricky White face first trip watched being born

Second Trip Rickey was steaks

1957 1967

67 Miramar ave.

Mary & Joe Simon

Jackie Mac Niel Charles

Chucky Stephanie

The Whitewaters

Patty still a facebook friend

The Richies


The Christmas incident scissors 62 Miramar

Elementary School


Rivalry with St Emedius

Coasters ball bearing wheels

Transfers Muni

Junior Museum

Rats mice Hawks Boas gators

Crafts Napkin holder



Model Aircraft

the Cliffs Chert Red rocks

Boys Club YMCA

Key Chains sold to Sailors Fisherman’s wharf

Polytech high school Electronics

Carbon Battery Crystal radio

Reservior Kite flying

Kite hill

Fort funston

Kaplans surplus

Jungle Hammocks

Rations camp gear canteens and mess kits

Joe Simon next door life mag and National Geographic collection in shed

Permission to access as long as I put back.

Chinese NewYears parade St Patricks and Columbus day

Lots of profits from Chinese NewYear parade souvenir sales Portsmouth square Box truck Carney

Playland memories

pink popcorn cotton candy

Funhouse Diving bell Bumper cars

Museum Mechanic

Sutros baths / museum / ice skating rink

The Sky tram cliff house

Beach times

Larson Pool versus Fleishaker

Paper route News call bulletin convert to Examiner

Previous paperboy shooting


Jan 24

How I  want to do this.

Collect my thoughts and add them from anywere .

People places date events relations.

Jan 24

1976-77 First Hernia

Rachel Koretsky Beth and Gene

Crater lake Mustang Peeled grapes

Great Friends no intimate stuff . Just buddies

First Avenue tribe

Cindy ( Jewish Princess neighbor

Late night Phone breakup (funny) wrong number.

Yael Gottlieb Star Wars opening



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