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Jun 24

Cindy Adams was in the dream.

I was hugging her (spooning) warm and soft.

Had to go to the bathroom strange undigested corn.

Went to the medicine cabinet not much there  went to the room next door. still not much medicine.

Very old motel style room plaster / stucco..

Next scenes

Found myself walking and wondering why I had lost my shoes and sox.

Walking across th emachine shop floor at LBL when one of ht eguys yelled at me abou thow i shoudl know better than to walk across th emachine shop floor which had shavingd and screws.

Started asking myself how i coudl be so dumb as to wander around wihtout shoes and sox. Reminded myself to make sure I remembered where  my shoes and sox were. wondered if my mamory was failing.

Next scene Crossing a rainy bridge on the left side walkway.small creek. got totheother isde and walked up to a counter And paid for my Visa , it was the Mexican border. I offered $6.00 and got back 75 cents. Looked like th eexchange rate had improved. Picked up my sox from the counter and the dream ends.


Short dream 7-6-2024

A vingette , sitting in  a social group , adults probably Yacht club members?

THe contest of discussions of facts.

the question of credentials and education.

I mentioned the ai had been to Piedmont High or som eothe rwell esteemed school.

Another similar school was mentioned by someone.

I volunteered that I had also attended Presidio Hill in SanFrancisco In the "Lake district" Someoen responded ,"Well then you can be admitted toteh Alumni association.


end of the dream

I am thankful to Mom for having encouraged my thist for knowledge and curiosity.


Mar 24







Parade vendor


Pot Cigarettes Auto parts Catnip

Fireworks (live oak)


Stables cleaning

Helping GM

Buying trips for hosiery (cultural  tips)

Jewish Vendors early morning.

 Sacramento 1966-1967

We used to go to the local produce market loading dock. Trucks full of fruit would come in every morning, Over ripe water melons that cracked in transit were 5 cents Cases of Tomatoes rejected because they were too ripe (limited shelf life) were 35cents. a small blue salt shaker and a case of the peak flavor tomatoes what a life. We had so many water melons we just ate the center part .

American River Bridge

Ricks Island

BB Guns

Rail cars autocarriers. (Windows BB's)

Sacramento River

City Cemetry

Bike adventures Stingrays Sloughouse

Old store

Slept in fields  camping

Tower Records

Yesterday and Today Beatles album (still have unpeeled )

Sutter Jr High (career fair)

McClatchy 8th grade

South african White kid and rac relations

Friend football talent.


Add names create link to article when written

Name - Role _ period _ locatioin


Adam Osborne

Frank Nimz

Sterley Epperson

Ralph Phillips

Joe Bosco

Ray Monaco

Elmer Silva

Joe Williams

Perry Mejia

Jerry Guggemos

Dolph Hargis

Roger Pam Joyce (Hargis)

Pam = mental illness

Alert Alarm 995 Williams St San Leandro

Pre MC versus post MC

Dolph helped me soldering assembling

Dale Gant  Unisec, electronics design Ultrasonic

Dale Killed in Puerto Rico

Sonitrol system I designed.


DAd (Carlos C Lroche

Beulah LARoche

George B LasRoche

Mom Loreley Bull

Alex Winn

Mary and Joe Simon

I about 1960 My Neighbor Joe Simon had one of those on his front porch under the eve. A lot of kids used to torment Joe who was a lonely widower (to one of the nicest ladies I ever met) so one day as those tormenting kids were passing his house throwing stuff at Joe's place he hit that nest with his high pressure water hose from a distance it blew up and a cloud of wasps started stinging every thing is sight. Joe had retreated inside the house I guess to watch the kid show outside.


Bill Gates

Norman Mailer

Stokley Charmichael

H Rap Brown

John Trudell

Lyndon LarRuche

Paul Boutelle

Peter Camacho

Carmen Alegria





Kathy Silva,Bob Silva


Meg & Meg and John, Humbolt 

Patty Reiland

Frank Nimz

Annette LaRue Berkeley 1968

John Curl

Doug Aley


Tom Luddy


Penny Shultz

Suzy Shultz


Jan Rolph Piedmont High School

Cynthia Grabenor 

Joan Woodburry Sacramento 1973 sporadically to present

Jim Anderson 1969- 1974

Scott Flores

Bob Richter (rip)


Sharon Roth

Susan Laurer


Donna Lamebull

Cindy Adams

Carolyn Burdick?

Cecelia Cortez

Yael Gottlieb

Barbara Cameron

Jan Rolph




Rachel Koretsky Beth and Gene

Crater lake Mustang Peeled grapes

Great Friends no intimate stuff . Just buddies

First Avenue tribe

Cindy ( Jewish Princess neighbor

Late night Phone breakup (funny) wrong number.

Paul Katrosic, Helen Katrosik

Susan  latina

Susan (jewess)

Appendix paretenitis


Yael Gottlieb Star Wars openin

 Scott flores Alma (Flores)

Stephanie Gomar

Jean Broughton

Shari  Baba

Jan 24

Friends family associates clients Famous pets trips

Tommy (Cat) sat on th etoilet to pee.

Tommy Black and white  nice kitty.

Tommy was killed by the lady who rented our basement to park her car

THe lady was sorry and  boutht Dart for us

Dart was my first dog (really Anita's but the bond was with me.)

Dart wa small black terrier  , smart fast and a ot of fun. We woul chase Pigeons at the St Emedeus  school yard. she actually caught a couple. she woudl  creep up on them and then make a fast dash and catch them from behind.

Dart lived a very long life. she was with sterley and Mom in the mountains.

Story of dart running ahead on the trail and watchign for rattlesnakes , Inher old age she stepped on one of them. (not harmed but startled.

(picture of dart )

Dido  the cat.

Dido was Grandma Beulah's cat . an orange cat. Beulah loved the cat but wanted to send it to caliornia for a better life.


971 Alabama street 1954 1957

Michael Washington Dot Washington

Anton Lavey

Miss Smith tea Room

Beulah George Mom


Presidio hill

(lakes greek teacher telling mythology)

School fair (chinese finger cuffs grab bag type festivsl.

Boys club on Briant Watermelon eating contest with mom was disappointed at not being to eat it all.

Miss Smiths backlit glass under bar

North beach art fair walking with Mom And dad

Trips to Idaho

Franks Bednarek house cool cellar smell of cereal grains

Pioneer days Covered wagons very hot

Fairgrounds Baby Bird fell ot of nest took home didn’t make it

Clara Snake river

Fell off dad’s back swimming Clara saved me (thanks)

Ricky White face first trip watched being born

Second Trip Rickey was steaks

1957 1967

67 Miramar ave.

Mary & Joe Simon

Jackie Mac Niel Charles

Chucky Stephanie

The Whitewaters

Patty still a facebook friend

The Richies


The Christmas incident scissors 62 Miramar

Elementary School


Rivalry with St Emedius

Coasters ball bearing wheels

Transfers Muni

Junior Museum

Rats mice Hawks Boas gators

Crafts Napkin holder



Model Aircraft

the Cliffs Chert Red rocks

Boys Club YMCA

Key Chains sold to Sailors Fisherman’s wharf

Polytech high school Electronics

Carbon Battery Crystal radio

Reservior Kite flying

Kite hill

Fort funston

Kaplans surplus

Jungle Hammocks

Rations camp gear canteens and mess kits

Joe Simon next door life mag and National Geographic collection in shed

Permission to access as long as I put back.

Chinese NewYears parade St Patricks and Columbus day

Lots of profits from Chinese NewYear parade souvenir sales Portsmouth square Box truck Carney

Playland memories

pink popcorn cotton candy

Funhouse Diving bell Bumper cars

Museum Mechanic

Sutros baths / museum / ice skating rink

The Sky tram cliff house

Beach times

Larson Pool versus Fleishaker

Paper route News call bulletin convert to Examiner

Previous paperboy shooting


Feb 24

There were 3 PArades per year  in my era.

Chinese New Year

I loved and still love the Chinese new year parade.

In 1963 64 and 65  Sge 10 11 and 12 I worked the PArade selling souviners , I went to portsmouth square  around mid day and met the "Carny
 a wholesaler who had carts full of trinkets and souveniers. THe FIrst year he  decided to trust me with a cart. he paid 20% of the gross sales. THis was such great Money for a 10 year old kid that he had no cause fo rmis trust.  THis was the most lucaritive business I ever got involved in. a captive market full of enthusiastic happy willing customers. It seemed no price was too high . My greatest wish was the Parade wodl last longer. Realistically I coudl only sell out of 1 or possibly 2 carts  per parade. I don't remembe how much I got But I do remember this was one of my primary ways to save cash for summer activities.I did also make contacts during this season with Chinese Fireworkds suppliers fo r wholesale supply. Always a good sideline in off season among  adolecent boys. $4.00 a brick of 80 packs I recall. I could resel the packs for 25 cents each so this was also very lucaritive


Saint Patricks day

THe Same vendor was workign thsi parade but it was not as popluar or long. so th eprofit potential was not high and hardly worth my effort.Diffenrt crowd too.

Collumbus day

Snothe PArade in the fall but like the St patricks day it was nothing special for  selling.


Jan 24

1976-77 First Hernia

Rachel Koretsky Beth and Gene

Crater lake Mustang Peeled grapes

Great Friends no intimate stuff . Just buddies


Rachel was a tall and very pretty woman Aburn red hair curls. , Very smart and interesting to talk with. I saw her as a teasured friend. She had 2 girlfriends Gene and Beth

Gene was a very attractive Black woman and Beth was a very attractive Brunett.

We would get together for  breakfasts where we tried to cook for each other.

I made attempts at omelettes and  they were politely eaten..

In any event when they cooked we ate better.

I was not romantically involved with any of these women. just a good friendship. good times good talk good fun.

I was involved with "Susan" she and I had gone camping with some friends ofhers.

in the middle of the night i got up and was terribly sick to my stomach. we were some distance from civilization so  I tried to tough it out. but no way! thenext dy we drove back home . I tried to rest but was even sicker. I eventually got a ride to Apta Bates Hospital. I had ruptured my appendix and had develpoed Paretenitis. I was in the operating room within an hour. The doctor later commented on how lucky I was to have survived.Dad was pretty upset that Susan had not taken me tothe hospital but had taken me home instead resulting in another day's delay. (she literlly did not know any better)

Susan  was  a cute Jewish woman  5,2 or 3  affectionate and seemed to want to make more of the relationship than I was ready for. I met her late in the mid 80's when she was a member of Parents without partners. She had a  daughter  mixed race with some disabilities. ,I had some thoughts about 'what if?" I feel fortunate that none of my 3 Kids has serious  health issues..


I Had my Musting the only car between the four friends (rachel Beth and Gene) As I was recovering these friend had taken care of me making sure I ate and had what I needed. This was late spring 1975 (I think)  The girls wanted to go to mount lassen for a spring break party  like gathering. lots of young people at a lake.

They asked me to drive them. I was under Dr's orders to rest for at least another week. I said I really did nothave the strength or health for a big trip. The girls said  the only thigk I would need to do was drive. I agreed. We went , it was a long drive but I had enough for that. When we got there the girlds had a lawn chair for me and I relaxed on the warm beach. It was perfect weather.  Lots of  young people there. includin glots of guys . Here I was lyign on a beach chair with three Bikini clad beauties literally peeling grapes and feeding them to me. This was noticed by several of the guys rund who  first looked at me  in a wondering way. "what is goignon withtheis guy? three beautiful babes  waitin on him hand and foot" And these girls had no interest (that I notied) in these guys.  I was sick they did not know that but  My ego was enhanced.



First Avenue tribe

Cindy ( Jewish Princess neighbor)

Cindy a very interesting  and very wealthy young woman. (I have a picture ofher ) She was my neighbor across the back porch of our apartments. We tasked out of the windows  eventually we began dating  and she would take me to the nicest restaurants. this was  very nice  and we enjoyed some incredible meals. Small Restaurant French 11 tables. "Le Bistro" was near the Merritt cafe  Athol Plaza.

We had an interesting relationship she liked to be intimate but held some distance socially awkward a little . . What I noticed was she was always impeccably dressed and never let me pay for anything. She always used her credit cards. I was poor recovering from my accident and had no prospect of a credit card in the near future.

Long story shortr about a year after we met she said she was moving and that if there was anything I wanted I should come to her apartment and take it. I had actually not been in her apartment since we first met we spent time together at my place or out on dates.

I went to her apartment nad it was filled with once or twice worn clothes and piles of stuff.  Her father owned a consumer loan company.. She paid with credit cards but she never got the bills (Daddy paid for everything)

I thought it was wasteful  that she just lived there and never even washed clothed just wore them and threw them in a pile and then bought more.

She moved  to the other side of the lake near the Grand lake Theater and it was a much larger apartment in a nicer building. I visited her a few times but  sort of soured on the waste issue. 

Lost track of her  late 70's




Late night Phone breakup (funny) wrong number.

Yael Gottlieb Star Wars opening

Rachel Koretsky Beth and Gene

Crater lake Mustang Peeled grapes

Great Friends no intimate stuff . Just buddies

First Avenue tribe

Cindy ( Jewish Princess neighbor

Late night Phone breakup (funny) wrong number.


Paul Katrosic, Helen Katrosik

Paul was my Neighbor on First Avenue 1974-75

He had a severe limp from a major injury. I too was limping from my MC accident.,

Paul was also a Mentor and very encouraging. He was always selling something.Puka shell necklaces to fruit .

He had a pickup truck and woudl  go to the produce wholesale market ion third streeti Oakland and purchase a truck load of Mostly Oranges or whatever was in season. he then set up and sold on the street.

Paul made really decent money from these enterprises . It was not a 'Steady Job"

Paul was a Good buddy/ we would go on double dates.  We  shared a lot  including girlfriends at least once.

I reconnected with Joan Woodburry and Paul and his girl and me with Joan all went down to a cabin in Boulder creek,. a very romantic redwood cabin with a huge fireplace.

Paul had a friend he met  at the produce market, he  owned a small Mexican Restaurant  named "La Mancha"  the restaurant closed many years ago but the sign remained painted high on the facade for decades after.(gone now) 2024 We would often go there for breakfast or lunch.


Paul had a Sister  Helen from Detroit who came to visit for a few weeks" She was very nice and we were attracted to each other. We spent some time together and after she went back to Detroit we corresponded by letter.

Paul died about 10 years ago. don't know how but I assume smoking was part of it.  (I saw an Obit)

 Susan  latina

Susan avery nice looking woman, divorced , she seemed insecureand a bit shaken up. we dated some  and I liked her alot. I think she was one that I ferlt a sympatico and a need to help or rescue. as it turns out  she had been traumatized  by family in her marraige and  they committe her  andshe was given electroshock therapy. 

Of note this apartment on First Avneue had a lot of young people living there it was inexpensive and close to Laney college. so lots of young women students .  I was single and recovering from my MC accident and also doing some side work fr alaert Alarm and began working for Bay Alarm there. This was the last rental I ever lived in I moved to this house from there.




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